Uttrakhand GST State Code and Jurisdictions

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(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)
Uttrakhand State Code for GST with Jurisdictions. GST Jurisdictions Zone/ Commissionerate Name/Division Name/Range Name/Range Jurisdiction. search your GST Jurisdiction in the below table : 
StateState CodeZoneCommissionerate NameDivision NameRange NameRange Jurisdiction
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunDehradunRange - I (Mussoorie)Area under Tehsil Mussorie.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunDehradunRange - II (VIkas Nagar)Area under Selaqui Industrial Area (right side of Chakrata Road) including Tehsil VIkasNagar (except the area covered under Range III at Dehradun), Chakrata, Kalsi, Tyuni of District Dehradun.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunDehradunRange-III (Dehradun)Area under Selaqui Industrial Area, (left side of Chakrata Road) including twin Industrial area Camp Road and Langha Road
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunDehradunRange-IV (Dehradun)Area under Patel Nagar Industrial Area, and Mohbbewala Industrial Area
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunDehradunRange - V (Dehradun)Area of Tehsil Dehradun not covered in any other area under GST Division Dehradun.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaridwarRange - I HaridwarArea under Sectors 1 to 6 of SIDCUL Haridwar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaridwarRange - II HaridwarArea under Sector 6A to Sector 9 of SIDCUL, Haridwar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaridwarRange - III HaridwarArea under 10 to 12 of SIDCUL, Haridwar, BHEL & BHEL Ancilliaries, Sector IIDC and Old Industrial Area, Haridwar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaridwarRange- IV HaridwarArea under Sector IP-II and Sector IP-IV of Tehsil Haridwar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaridwarRange - V HaridwarArea under Bhadrabad Industrial Area, Area under Vardhman Industrial Area of Tehsil Haridwar and all other area of GST Division Haridwar not specified else where.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRoorkeeRange - I RoorkeeAreaunder Tehsil Laksar including area on Haridwar-Laksar Road, Haridwar-Roorkee Road and on the both side of Roorkee-Muzaffarnagar Road up to UP Border and on left side of Manglore-Deoband Road up to UP Border.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRoorkeeRange - II RoorkeeAreaunder Roorkee Local (right side of Ganga Canal) and area right side of Manglore-Deoband Road up to UP Border, both sidesof Puhana-Narsan Roadupto Lakhnauta Chowk, right side of Manglore-Deoband Road from Lakhnauta Chowk to UP Border.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRoorkeeRange - III RoorkeeArea on Left side of Roorkee Dehradun Road from Puhana Chowk onwards including units in co-operatIVe industrial area, Raipur up to Chudiyala Road and Area on both sides of Bhagwanpur-Chudiyala Road up to UP Border.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRoorkeeRange - IV RoorkeeArea on Right side of Roorkee Dehradun Road from Puhana Chowk onwards including units in co-operatIVe industrial area, Raipur up to Chudiyala Road.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRoorkeeRange - V RoorkeeAreaunder ShIV Ganga Lakeshwari Industrial Area, Sikandarpur Bhaiswal and Dehradun Road (both side total area up to UP-Uttrakhand Border. Both sides of Bhagwanpur-Gagalhedi Road, all other area not covered under the jurisdiction of GST Division Roorkee.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRishikeshRange -I (Kotdwar)Area under Tehsils Kotdwar, Lansdowne, Satpuli and Chaubattakhal of District Pauri Garhwal.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRishikeshRange - II (Rishikesh)Area under Tehsil Rishikesh and Tehsil Doiwala of District Dehradun and any other area of GST Division Rishikesh not elsewhere specified.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRishikeshRange - III (Rudraprayag)Area under District Rudraprayag and District Chamoli.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRishikeshRange - IV (Uttarkashi)Area under District Uttarkashi.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRishikeshRange - V (New Tehri)Area under District Tehri Garhwal.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRishikeshRange - VI (Srinagar)Area under District Pauri Garhwal except area under Range-I of GST Division Rishikesh.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRudrapurRange - I (Rudrapur)Area under Sector 1 to Sector 8 under SIDCUL Industrial Area, Pant Nagar, Area under VIllage Dineshpur of District U.S.Nagar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRudrapurRange - II (Rudrapur)Area under Sector 9 to Sector 11 along with IIDC Sector under SIDCUL Industrial Area Pant Nagar and Rudrapur Municipal area including Kichha by-pass Industrial area of District U.S.Nagar. Any other area under GST Division Rudrapur not elsewhere specified.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRudrapurRange - III (Kichha)Area under Kichha Tehsil of U.S. Nagar Non Municipal area of Rudrapur, Area under Tehsil Gadarpur, of District U.S. Nagar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRudrapurRange - IV (Khatima)Area under Tehsil Khatima, Tehsil Sitarganj of District U.S. Nagar
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunRudrapurRange - V (Tanakpur)Area under District Champawat and District Pithoragarh
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaldwaniRange - I (Haldwani)Area under Tehsil Haldwani. Any other area under GST Division Haldwani not elsewhere specified.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaldwaniRange - II (Haldwani)Area under Lalkuwan Tehsil and Kaladungi Tehsil.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaldwaniRange - III (Ramnagar)Area under Tehsil Ramnagar of District Nainital.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaldwaniRange - IV (Nainital)Area under Tehsil Nainital, Kausya Kuttoli & Dhari, Tehsil Ramgarh Talla and Tehsil Betalghat.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunHaldwaniRange - V (Almora)Area under District Almora and District Bageshwar.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunKashipurRange - I (Kashipur)Area under Tehsil Kashipur excluding those falling under Range-II & Range-III.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunKashipurRange - II (Kashipur)Area of Tehsil Kashipur on right side of Bazpur-Kashipur Road up to Chhatri Chaurah & Right side of Kashipur-Ramnager Road of Tehsil Kashipur.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunKashipurRange - III (Kashipur)Area under Tehsil Kashipur on left side of Bazpur-Kashipur Road of Kashipur Tehsil upto Chhatri Chauraha & left side of Railway Station Road including Aliganj Road & Mahuwa khera Ganj.
Uttrakhand5MeerutDehradunKashipurRange - IV (Kashipur)Area under Tehsil Bajpur and Tehsil Jaspur of District Udham Singh Nagar


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