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Search GST Number by Name/GSTIN/PAN Number

We are updating our GSTIN List data.

You may use Government ‘GST Number Search Tool’ : Click Here

Watch our Video on step by step procedure to use the above “GST Number Search Tool”

What is GSTIN/GST Number?

GSTIN refers to ‘Goods and Services Tax identification number’. GSTIN is your business identification number which is provided by Government of India to all the Taxpayer under GST Regime.

Why we need GST Number?

In today’s market, it is difficult to run a business without having a GST number (GSTIN). A registered business entity prefers to deal with the registered business entity to make his compliance work easier and hassle-free. Under GST regime, if a registered person want to claim input tax credit (ITC) on its purchase of goods related to his business, the person should have its vendor registered under GST which have a valid GSTIN so that he can mention his GSTIN in its GSTR-1 Return (Output/Sale Return). You cannot claim input tax credit for the purchase of goods which is not related to your business. (i.e. Goods/Services use for personal purposes).

If you want to claim ITC under GST, Goods and Services should be used only for business purpose.

How to Check GST Number is Valid or Fake?

You can easily verify a GST number whether it’s valid or not using our above ‘Search GST Number Tool’. We have provided the facility to search GST number by taxpayers name or its PAN Number also. You can search its GSTIN directly in the search bar to verify GST Number.

Note: Some State governments have not provided their GST Number/GSTIN/UIN details yet. There is a chance you may not find your GST number here. We will update our ‘search GST number tool’ for you as soon as state government releases their updated GST Number list.

How and where to compliant for Invalid/Fake GSTIN?

If you find any invalid GST Number/GSTIN and want to complaint against it, you can directly complain to GST Portal using their Help Desk Number: 0120-4888999/0124-4688999. Else you can also mail them at Or you may go nearby Tax department and let them know the issues you’ve found on the GSTIN.

Instantly Verify Invalid/Fake GSTIN online?

If you want to check whether GSTIN is fake, you can use our above 100% free ‘Online GSTIN Search Tool‘. Currently, it is the best tool in the market which will let you know the information of the taxpayer. You just need to enter the party GST number/PAN number or its name.

Else you can verify GSTIN using GSTN online GST Portal’s ‘Search Taxpayer Tool’  by using the following steps :

Step 1: Log into GST Portal (

Step 2: You will find ‘Search Taxpayer’ tab in the main menu. Click on Search Taxpayer tab to Search by GSTIN/UIN.

Step 3: It will redirect you to ‘Search GSTIN/UIN of the Taxpayer’ page.

Step 4: Enter your GST Number of the taxpayer entity in the box and type the numeric characters which you will see in the image below and click on Search Button.

  • If the GSTIN is Correct. you can see the full information of the taxpayers.
  • If the GSTIN is Incorrect. An Error message will be displayed on your screen.

You may see following GSTIN / UIN details if the information is correct : 

  • Legal name of the business
  • Centre Jurisdiction
  • State Jurisdiction
  • Constitution of Business
    (I.e.Private Ltd company, Public Ltd company, Proprietorship, Partnership, firm, HUF, LLP, co-operative society, local authority, trust, AOP/BOI, the Government company, body corporate incorporated under laws of the foreign country, artificial juridical person)
  • Taxpayer Type
  • GSTIN / UIN Status
  • Date of Cancellation
  • State
  • Date of registration

Recently GST portal starts a new feature. You can see the taxpayers last 10 ‘GST Return filing status’ (i.e GSTR3B, GSTR1, TRAN1 etc)

How to search GST Number by Company Name?

You can easily identify a person of company GST number with its name using the above GST number search tool for some states. As of now, there is no facility has been provided by GST Portal to search party GST Number with its legal name of the business.

CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) official website provides some states taxpayers GST Number data in excel or PDF format which is distributed among central and state government.

You can check GST Number of following states there :

  1. Assam
  2. Sikkim
  3. Haryana
  4. Odisha
  5. Punjab
  6. Karnataka
  7. Manipur
  8. Nagaland
  9. Himachal Pradesh
  10. Andhra Pradesh
  11. Uttar Pradesh
  12. West Bengal
  13. Meghalaya
  14. Mizoram
  15. Arunachal Pradesh
  16. Tripura
  17. Chandigarh
  18. Chhattisgarh

Note: Further the GST Number List data has been divided into two category 1. below 1.5 crores turnover taxpayers and 2. above 1.5 crores turnover taxpayers. Please Search GST number accordingly.

How to search GST Number by PAN number or tin number?

Again you can search some states GST Number by PAN number using the above free tool of ‘Search GST Number by PAN’. The facility to search gst number by pan number was provided by GST Portal but now it’s been removed from the portal.

Although you can still check a party GST Number by PAN but it will kill your some precious time. The first two digits of the GST Number is a two digit state code which you can find here : GST State Code List the next ten digits taxpayers PAN number, the thirteenth digit is 1 and 14th digit is Z in most of the case, the last character can be anything from 0 to 9 and A to Z.

What is the Format of Correct GSTIN in India?

GST Identification Number Format: GSTIN first two digits shows your State Code under GST. (i.e Delhi State Code is 07) so all the taxpayers who is registered under GST in Delhi state, their GST number will starts with 07. Next ten digits of GST number will be PAN Number of your Business entity.

Note: In case of Individual/Proprietor, Their personal PAN number use in GSTIN in GST regime.

Thirteen-digit of your GSTIN is based on the number of registration done by the business entity code within a state.

Fourteen digit of GSTIN is Z by default.

The last digit of GSTIN is one checksum code. Which can be either Alphabetical (A-Z) or Numeric(0-9).

Search GSTIN/GST Number by Name | Online GST Number Search Tool

Frequently Asked Questions GSTIN in India

Question 1. How many characters/Number contains a GSTIN/GST Number?

Answer: A GST Number (GSTIN) contains 15 Digits starts with first two digits of state code, next ten characters of PAN Number of Business or individual, the next two characters of entity code and the last number is checksum of characters of GSTIN.

Question 2: How to know the state of the taxpayer person with its GSTIN/GST  number?

Answer: First two digits of A GSTIN is State Code in GST number you can Check the GST Number list: Click Here.

Question 3: What is GST Helpdesk/Customer care number?

Answer: 0120-4888999/0124-4688999.

Question 4: How to get GST number online?

Answer :

Step 1: Log into GST Portal (

Step 2: you will find the ‘Services’ tab in the main menu. Click on ‘Registration‘ tab to ‘New Registration’.

Step 3: Fill up your details and generate OTP using Email id and Mobile Number.

Note: You may submit your return form and other forms also in case of Proprietorship/partnership using OTP which is send by the portal to your Registered ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Email id’. You may change your mobile number and email id later.

Step 4: You will get TRN (Temporary registration number). Use this TRN and login to portal.

Step 5: Now you reach the main form of registration of GST. Fill up all the details correctly and submit the form using EVC/DSC.

Note: DSC is mandatory in case of Company.

Download GST Registration Certificate

Question 5: My business turnover is less than 20 lakh. Do I need to take GST number?

Answer: No, if your business turnover is above Rs. 20 Lakhs (Rs. 10 Lakhs for the North-Eastern States) then you need to take GST number.

Question 6: What are the documents required to take GST number?

Answer :

  • PAN Card, identity proof of the business entity.
  • Address proof of the Business place. (i.e. Electricity bill/other utility bill/Rent or Lease agreement)
  • Bank Account details (i.e. Passbook/Bank statement/Cancel cheque)
  • Digital signature of class-2/class-3 in case of a company.
  • in case of a proprietorship, Digital signature is not required.
  • Details of Directors/proprietors/partner/trustee/Member – Adhaar card, PAN Card, Voter id, Driving license.
  • In case of a foreign resident copy of Passport is required.

Question 7: How to track GST number registration status / ARN number status online on (GST Portal)?

Answer: Steps to check ARN Number status or GST Number registration status :

  1. Step 1 : Go to
  2. Step 2 : Click on => services menu to => Registration to => Track Application Registration
  3. Step 3 : A window will open with Search box naming enter ARN which you have received at the time of successfully registration for GST number in GST regime. Enter the ARN number and enter the characters of the image below and hit search button.
  4. Step 4 : The results table will show containing your Form No. which you have received ARN for along with the description of from description and the status of your application.

Types of Status under GST of ARN Number :

  1. Pending for clarification: The GST Officer seeks clarification related to your GST number registration. you need to file the clarification in given time otherwise your application will be rejected.
  2. Application Rejected: Your application for GST number application has been rejected by the government officer. due to not filing of clarification which they asked before.
  3. Form Assigned to Approving Officer: Your GST application for applying new number is under process and pending from the government side. An assigning officer will review your application and take action soon.
  4. Clarification Not Filed – Pending for Order: you have not filed any clarification on your application which was asked by assigning officer.
  5. Clarification Filed – Pending for Order: The clarification has been filed by the application on clarification requested by officer. Your file will soon get an order.
  6. Application Rejected: The application has been rejected by the officer.
  7. Application Approved: Your application has been approved by the GST officer. An email will receive shortly contain your GSTIN and password. you need to change your password for the first your you login to GST Portal.

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    • Some states provided their taxpayer’s list under GST with Legal Name, Trade name and PAN Number. You can easily search GST number by name of the company of individual.

  1. I want to know the GSTIN no of ATA ELECTRIC LTD Company.
    This company runs in Delhi and works in India level .
    This company stolen GST by India Govt.
    It’s GST no shown as another company name….07AAJCA7022L1ZK.
    It’s A/C no is named …S.M.Shadab 004601552934 ICICI Bank Ltd. IFSC…ICIC0000046 New Friends Colony Ndls..65
    Pls check it and action against the company

  2. SIr,
    I need to search party gst number hu name in Delhi. Your list have all the states but Delhi, how can i search GSt number in Delhi.


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