Meghalaya GST State Code and Jurisdictions

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(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)
Meghalaya State Code for GST with Jurisdictions. GST Jurisdictions Zone/ Commissionerate Name/Division Name/Range Name/Range Jurisdiction. search your GST Jurisdiction in the below table : 
StateState CodeZoneCommissionerate NameDivision NameRange NameRange Jurisdiction
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionBYRNIHAT I RANGEArea beyond Nongpoh upto 13th Mile (Upto Tamulkuchi Road), Byrnihat of Ri-Bhoi District and the area upto 500 mtrs on the other side from the centre of National Highway-40, Byrnihat to 13th Mile falling under Ri-Bhoi District.
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionBYRNIHAT II RANGEEPIP (Export Promotion Industrial Park) area on Umtru Road of Ri-Bhoi District
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionBYRNIHAT III RANGEArea from 12th Mile (leaVIng the Tamulkuchi Road) on Byrnihat-Guwahati Road upto Khanapara of Ri-Bhoi District and the area upto 500 mtrs on the other side from the centre of National Highway-40, from 12th Mile to Jorabat Point, falling under Ri-Bhoi District
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionKHYNDAILAD RANGEWhole of Police Bazar area, Polo, Nongmynsong, Mawdiangdiang upto Diengpasoh.
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionLAITUMKHRAH RANGEWhole of Laitumkhrah area starting from Fire Brigade Ground junction, Dhankheti, Malki, Lachaumiere, Laban upto Umsyrpi bridge
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionMOTPHRAN RANGEWhole of Barabazar, Jhalupara, Jaiaw, Mawprem, Mawlai upto Umiam.
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionNONGPOH RANGERi-Bhoi District except the areas covered under Byrnihat-I, II & III.
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionNONGTHYMAI RANGEWhole of Nonthymmai starting from Fire Brigade Ground junction, Jingkieng, Nongrim Hills, Rynjah, Lapalang upto Umpling in the East, Happy Valley, Madanriting upto Mawryngkneng in the North
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong I DivisionUPPER SHILLONG RANGEArea from Umshyrpi bridge, Mylliem, Sohra (Cherrapunji) upto Shella-Bholaganj-Balat in the West, upto Dangar in North-West and upto Pyrnursla in South-West.
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong II DivisionJOWAI I RANGEEntire Municipal area of Jowai
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong II DivisionJOWAI II RANGEWest Jaintia Hills except areas under Jowai-I Range
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong II DivisionKHLIEHRIAT RANGEThe Entire District of East Jaintia Hills
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong II DivisionNONGSTOIN RANGEThe Entire District of West Khasi Hills & South West Khasi Hills
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong II DivisionTURA RANGEThe Entire District of West Garo Hills & South West Garo Hills
Meghalaya14GuwahatiShillongShillong II DivisionWILLIAMNAGAR RANGEThe Entire Districts of East Garo Hills & North Garo Hills & South Garo Hills


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