How to view Cause List on GST Portal And Cause List FAQ’s

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(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

How to view Cause List on GST Portal

To view the cause list on GST Portal follow the below steps:

  1. Access the URL You will be directed to GST Homepage.
  2. Go to Services => User Services => Cause List

Note: You can also access cause list without logging in to GST Portal.

4. Now you will be redirected to Cause List page

5. Now select the type of authority from the drop-down list of Type of Authority.

6. Now select the State where an application was filed from the drop-down list of State.

7. Select the Jurisdiction where an application was filed from the drop-down list of Jurisdiction. This field is not mandatory.

8. Select the Date by the given calendar. If you will leave the date field blank then it will select the date of the current day by itself.

9. Now click on the Search button provided below.

10. If there will be no listing on the date selected it will give the “No hearings are scheduled for date” message as shown below.

FAQ’s on Cause List

1. What is Causelist? 

Causelists are the lists of cases that are heard by courts on different dates. A Causelist consists of details like Court number and the bench. Other case details such as case number, petition person and advocate details are also provided in it.

2. Causelists are available for how many High Courts? 
13 high courts and 10 benches cause lists are available from Supreme Court. High Courts are Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujrat, Allahabad, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Patna, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana.

3. How many types of cause lists are available? 
There are two types of cause lists available which are Daily Causelists and Weekly Causelists.

4. For how many days cause lists are available? 

They are available for Six days.

5. Where GST Cause List can be viewed?

You can Go To => Services => User Services => Cause List

6. Can the Entire cause list be downloaded? 
Yes, Entire Causelist can be downloaded, the ‘Entire Cause List’ option can be used for same.

7. Can a cause list for a day be mailed? 
Yes, if you want you can E-mail a cause list to someone by downloading it on your system.

8. Can I make my own cause list in the form of regular cause list if I am a lawyer? 
Yes, you can create it by lawyer wise search option in the form of a regular cause list.

9. When the cause lists for the next day are available? 
The next day cause list is made available by 6.00 PM.

10. Is a cause list imitation of the Printed duplicate circulated by the Courts?
Yes, a Cause List is an imitation of printed duplicate.

11. Is a cause list updated in real time?

Yes, a cause list is updated in real time.

12. Can a cause list be viewed without logging in to GST Portal with our credentials?

Yes, a cause list can be viewed even if you are logged out of the GST Portal and you dont need any credentials to view cause lists.


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