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Solution of Failed to establish the connection kindly restart the Emsigner.

Home Forums GST Questions Failed to Establish Connection to the Server. Kindly Restart the Emsigner Solution of Failed to establish the connection kindly restart the Emsigner.

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Varun Nayar

Solution of Failed to establish the connection kindly restart the Emsigner.

GST DSC Registration Error, please keep following important points on mind:
Try restarting your PC / Laptop after you try each and every solution
Try restarting the browser or try some different browser Chrome, Mozila, Safari etc.
Try changing your Internet Connection from Wifi to Mobile Hotspot to LAN wired connection.
Install the latest version of Emsigner from the GST Portal Install the latest version of Java

Solution 1:

1. Firstly, Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features >Uninstall Program and uninstall all DSC token software from your PC / Laptop like Trustkey, ePass, WD Proxkey etc.
2. Secondly, uninstall the emSigner software.
3 Update ‘Chrome’ Browser withthe latest version from their website
4.Then Go to Chrome Settings menu by (There may some slight variations in Chrome Menus in different versions) In Chrome : Settings>Advances Settings /Show Advanced Settings(menu seen at the bottom)  > Content / Content Settings  > Java / Java Script/Java Settings > Exception / Manage exceptions > Then in the web site entry column / Host name Pattern entry column ( > Click Add Button ( if shows – in some Chrome versions don’t have this ‘Add’ button) Then…… replace the ‘’ with the following address and don’t change the status as ‘Allow’ ( If it shows status as ‘ Block / Blocked’ change to ‘Allow’ / ‘Allowed’ ) press “Enter’ key.  Then ‘OK’
5. Now you’re required to Install latest version of emSigner from GST website by logging with user id and password from the link provided at Update / DSC menu on Dash Board .

6. After installation ‘Right click’ on the desktop icon of the emSigner and select ‘Run As Administrator’.
7. Then insert the DSC USB Tokens and install the concerned software related to the DSC issuing Authority.

Solution 2:
1. Install latest Java and Emsigner.
2. Quit the Emsigner from system tray icon.
3. Run CMD (as admin) and copy paste the following command: netsh interface port proxy add v4tov4 listenport=1645 listenaddress= connectport=1585 connectaddress=
4. Open Chrome – settings – advanced – content settings – javascript – under allow tab click “add” on right side – and add these two addresses- and also
5. Run Chrome and open link on advanced link click proceed
6. Run Emsigner as administrator.

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