Download GSTR-4 offline Tool New version

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Download latest GST offline tool for filing GST return in offline mode

New version of GSTR-4 offline tools (V2.1) is now available on portal

Click Here to Download

For preparing your GSTR-4 for the 4th quarter (Jan . Mar), 2017-18, a new version of GSTR-4 offline tool (V2.1) is now available in .Download. section from 6th April 2018. Please note, that declaring inward supplies details received from the registered suppliers (other than supplies attracting Reverse Charges) under Table 4A in the offline tools of GSTR-4 is mandatory. Table 4A and 4B of GSTR-4 is combined in the excel sheet of offline tool and return filers are required to specify .Yes. or .No. in the column of .Reverse Charge Status. to select the nature of supply. In case supplies are not related to reverse charge .No. option is to be selected.

******************GSTR-4 Offline Utility Information***************

*****Prerequisites Before Installation*****************

1. Windows OS 7.0 and above.System should be of 32bit or 64 bit.
2. The version of Microsoft Excel on your Computer system should be Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and above.
3. User should have admin rights of the system.
4. A Uncompress file software like - WinZip or WinRAR


1. Access the GST Portal .
2. Go to Downloads > Offline tools > GSTR4 Offline Tool > Download button.
3. Unzip the downloaded Zip file which contain GSTR4 Offline Tool, User Manual, Read Me.txt, Release Note.
4.Open the extracted folder and you will find a MS Excel file with Name "GSTR_4_Offline_Utility.xls".
5.Double Click on it to open.
6.Once opened, click on "Enable Editing" and "Enable Macros" and/or "Enable Content" button on top.
7.Now you can use the tool.

******* How to Use the Tool*************

Key functionalities:

"Open Downloaded GSTR-4 JSON File" : To import downloaded GSTR-4 data from GST online Portal to different section(s) in Offline tool.
"Generate JSON File to upload" : To generate a JSON (.json) file with data entered in different section(s) to upload in GST online portal.
"Open Donwloaded Error JSON Files" : To open error files downloaded from GST portal to correct the invoice data rejected by GST system.
"Get Summary" : To calculate summary of all sections data (taxable and invoice values) and Gross Total.
"Validate Sheet" : To perform validations of the data entered in every section.
"Go Home" : To navigate to Home sheet (section) from other sections/sheet.

1. Enter details in the GSTR-4 Table wise worksheets of the Excel offline Tool.
2. Validate the details entered in each sheet using 'validate' button.
3. Generate Json using ' Generate JSON File to Upload' option.
4. Upload the generated JSON on GST Portal. Preview the details uploaded (facility to pdf download), Initiate filing, offset liability and File return on the GST portal.

Important Note: Size of generated JSON file should not be greater than 5 MB. Maximum number of items which can be uploaded one time is 19,000 (including data in all sections).



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