Documents required for GST Practitioner Registration

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Documents required for GST Practitioner GST Registration
(Last Updated On: June 14, 2018)

Documents required for GST Practitioner Registration

Here is the list of documents which is required for GST registration in case of GST Practitioner in India :

Purpose Acceptable Documents Document Type Max Size for Upload
Photo of Applicant Photo JPG 100 KB
Proof of Professional Address (Any One) Any other Certificate / document issued by Government JPG,PDF 100 KB
Any other Certificate or record from Govt department JPG,PDF 100 KB
Consent Letter JPG,PDF 100 KB
Electricity Bill JPG,PDF 100 KB
Legal ownership document JPG,PDF 1 MB
Municipal Khata Copy JPG,PDF 100 KB
Property Tax Receipt JPG,PDF 100 KB
Rent / Lease agreement JPG,PDF 2 MB
Rent receipt with NOC (In case of no/expired agreement) JPG,PDF 1 MB
Proof of qualifying degree Degree JPG,PDF 100 KB
Proof of designation of post held at time of retirement* (Applicable for Retired Govt Officials only) Pension Certificate used by AG Office or LPC JPG,PDF 1 MB


Complete information about Documents for GST Registration for all cases : Click Here


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