A webinar on Filing Reply to Demand Notice at GST portal (DRC-06)

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A Webinar has been scheduled at 2.30PM IST on the topic Filing Reply to Demand Notice at GST portal (DRC-06) including live demo in English

Content Coverage:

  • Issue of Demand Notice
  • Applicability of Section 73 & 74 , Overview
  • Overview of process of Adjudication
  • How to view Notice at GST portal (Live Demo)
  • How to Reply the Notice at GST Portal (DRC-06) (Live Demo)
  • How to View the Order issued by Tax Official (Live Demo)
  • Q&A

Registration link for the webinar: https://negd.zoom.us/webinar/register/178e272be9f1427e8c34be5db4a05ad8

Speaker for the webinar: Shri Pankaj Arora SM OCB

After the day of live streaming, the webinar recording will also be available at You Tube Channel of Goods and Services Tax Network. For viewing all previous webinars recordings and other useful application videos, you may access You tube channel of GSTN either by clicking at the YouTube icon given at the homepage of GST website or through the link given below.


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