672 Crore Worth GST Evasion Detected In Jaipur

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tax evasion

JAIPUR:  The Directorate General of GST (Goods and Services Tax) Intelligence (DGGI) has detected Rs. 672.51 crore worth of tax evasion in 46 cases, in which Rs. 15.31 crore were recovered in 20 cases from July 2017 to March 2018, an official said.

Sharing performance of the DGGI Jaipur zonal unit, additional director general Rajendra Kumar said that his office detected Rs. 672.51 crore worth of tax evasion in 46 cases, nine of them related to central excise and 37 service tax.

He said that from April 2018 to till date, Rs. 330 crore worth of tax evasion was detected in 27 cases and Rs. 9.98 crore was recovered by the department in 20 cases.

Four persons were arrested and prosecution was launched by the zonal unit in two cases, he added.

Mr Kumar said that investigation in 14 cases of central excise evasion of Rs.29.44 crore and 34 cases of service tax evasion of nearly Rs. 750 crore had been pending with the department.

Source - https://www.ndtv.com/jaipur-news/jaipur-rs-672-crore-worth-gst-evasion-detected-1870064


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